Totoro: A Forest Spirit and… A Cell Phone Guardian!

For decades, My Neighbor Totoro has been a film loved by all ages around the globe. Being the main logo for the company, Totoro is one of the most well-known characters of Studio Ghibli movies. With its increasing popularity, its appearance has even been featured in multiple Western animations, including Toy Story 3, Drawn TogetherSouth Park, Powerpuff Girls, Bob’s Burgers, Samurai Jack, and more!

Although I’ve crocheted the entire Totoro family before (featured in my blog post here), here’s another two Totoro creatures crocheted by me:

Cute My Neighbor Totoro Amigurumi Crochet Yarn Smart Phone Earphone Plug 01

Cute My Neighbor Totoro Amigurumi Crochet Yarn Smart Phone Earphone Plug 02

Cute My Neighbor Totoro Amigurumi Crochet Yarn Smart Phone Earphone Plug 03
Some of you may ask… what’s the stud that protrudes out of the mini Totoro? Well… It’s actually there for a reason. 😉

A while ago, I wanted to design a Totoro phone strap for my phone. However, because my smart phone does not offer a hole to tie phone straps to, I had to find alternatives.

During a trip to Asia a few years back, I discovered decorative earphone plugs to be quite popular. Although not as versatile as a strap, the plug can basically be applied to any smart phone! …And so that’s what I went for. 🙂 I made a Totoro anti-dust earphone plug.
Cute My Neighbor Totoro Amigurumi Crochet Yarn Smart Phone Earphone Plug 04

Cute My Neighbor Totoro Amigurumi Crochet Yarn Smart Phone Earphone Plug 05

Cute My Neighbor Totoro Amigurumi Crochet Yarn Smart Phone Earphone Plug 06

I think it’s pretty neat, don’t you think so? Totoro is chilling on top of my phone! xD

Cute My Neighbor Totoro Amigurumi Crochet Yarn Smart Phone Earphone Plug 07

Like the handmade anti-dust Totoro?  Check back soon! I’ll be posting up a pattern for this little guy. 🙂

For more photos of Totoro, check out my Totoro album on Flickr!

Chihiro (Sen): Finding the Courage Within

Since I posted about Kaonashi from Spirited Away, it only makes sense if I also make a post for Chihiro (Sen), the main character from the film. 🙂

Chihiro is first introduced as a timid, insecure, and helpless 10-year-old child who’s afraid to explore outside of her comfort zone. When challenged with the need to save her parents — who have been turned into pigs, however, the courage within her becomes unveiled bit by bit. From pleading Yu-Baaba for a job at the Bathhouse to serving stinky mud-covered gods, and from saving Haku’s life to bringing No-Face away from dangerous environments, Chihiro slowly sheds off her cowardly behaviour to become an independent, determined, fearless individual. At the end of the film, rather than clenching onto her mother’s arm and acting like the anxious child that she was when she initially arrived at the Bathhouse, Chihiro is now seen as a confident child leading her mother the way out.

Spirited Away is definitely one of the most inspirational films produced by Hayao Miyazaki that I’ve watched. Within just two hours, we see the main character transform drastically from a typical elementary school girl to one brave soul, whom even now I feel as though I still have a lot to learn from.

Here’s my crocheted version of her:
Chihiro Sen Spirited Away Studio Ghibli Amigurumi 01

Chihiro Sen Spirited Away Studio Ghibli Amigurumi 03

Side view:
Chihiro Sen Spirited Away Studio Ghibli Amigurumi 05

Can’t forget the red hair band from Zeniba! :3
Chihiro Sen Spirited Away Studio Ghibli Amigurumi 06

After taking a set of photos, I knew something was missing… the blush! Here’s one last photo of Chihiro with her blush. =)
Chihiro Sen Spirited Away Studio Ghibli Amigurumi 10

How did you like the character development of Chihiro? Were you as impressed as I was? 😛

For more photos of my Chihiro amigurumi, check out my Spirited Away album on Flickr!

Kaonashi (No-Face): The Creature of Many Faces

In the Japanese animated film Spirited Away, Kaonashi (No-Face) exhibits many different personalities. Having no family or friends, he appears at the beginning of the movie as a very lonely, shy and quiet creature. Once he meets Chihiro, who in turn invites him into The Bathhouse, Kaonashi becomes an aggressive, out-of-control monster. However, as soon as Chihiro brings him away to meet Zeniba, who works alone and enjoys spinning and knitting, Kaonashi regains his peaceful character and appears to be very skillful as he knits alongside Zeniba.

Indeed, No-Face is a creature of many faces. His personality seems to reflect his surroundings. As suggested by Chihiro near the end of the film, ‘It is the corruption and negative thoughts of The Bathhouse that turned him into a dangerous monster.’

Which face of No-Face is your favourite? For me, it’s the knitting Kaonashi. 🙂




Want more photos of my Kaonashi? Check out my Spirited Away album on Flickr!


Hello, everyone!

It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve last updated my blog. I stopped blogging back in 2012 to focus on my education. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped crocheting though! I’m back to my JCY Works blog, and I plan to stick around for good this time. Check back often for more updates! 🙂

Take Me on a 360 Degrees Journey

And so I said I would update this blog a bit more often? Lies.

But wait! I didn’t totally slack off and fb all day…


In fact, back in February, I entered myself in the 2012 Vanna’s Choice contest! I crocheted what I named, Take Me on a 360 Degrees Journey. Like the project I entered for the very same contest last year, it was made using all Vanna’s Choice yarns. The whole thing measures approx. 47cm by 45cm, with a height of 50cm. It features a rotatable ferris wheel with 4 teddy bears attached to swings located around the wheel.

Although not very apparent on the photos, the cotton candy shop was actually made as a cover for a roll of tissue paper, where one end of the roll can be pulled out from the rooftop.


I also included two other teddy bears standing at the bottom of the wheel.



I hate to admit it, but unfortunately I did not win anything from the contest this year, unlike the third place I received from the contest last year (for those who have read that post). I think I spent wayyy too much time designing the wheel and getting my dad to help me out with hammering the wooden pieces together that the actual crocheted parts didn’t seem to represent a very large portion of the project as a whole. A LOT of time was also spent on hand-sewing little images here and there… Believe it or not, if you take a look at the teddy image on the bear-with-blue-hat’s side-strap bag, that alone probably already took me close to an hour. =/

But of course, this won’t stop me from entering the contest again next year! 😉 I think so far, this has been the biggest and most time-consuming project I’ve crocheted!

A very HUGE thank you to my friend, K. Lau for helping me take photos of my project. It was super last minute but he still managed to help me out so that I’d have some beautiful photos to submit to the contest website! 🙂

The top 12 projects for this year’s Vanna’s Choice contest are up for online voting right now. Be sure to check them out!

Back to School Season

I’m back on blogspot!! … Yes, after four whole months.

Summer just came by, but I’ve been busy for most of the time working as a full-time Co-op student at the Vancouver General Hospital research lab.  It’s an 8-month work term, so I won’t be going back to school until January next year.  Weekends were fun though, since I got to spend some quality time with my friends and family. 🙂

Grouse grind was one of the more frequently-visited places for me this summer. I went for a total of four times so far this year! (It’s not over yet though, I might be going again sometime later this month) =]


Celebration of light was also a highlight of summer 2011!


Needless to say, I went to the one by Canada. I just had to support my own country~ Unfortunately, we did not win this year. =(

With September already past and October now in session, it’s back to school  season again for most students out there! Of course, this does not apply to me until January. 😛 I’m still taking a distance education course though~


Working hard, or hardly working? :3

Meet Rachat! He was made using a size 8mm hook for his body and male kimono and a size 4.5mm hook for his nose using 100% acrylamide yarn. It’s a bit hard to see his kimono in these photos though, maybe I’ll take a full-length photo of him next time!


Rachat was made based on a pattern given to me as a present from my friend, Joyce.  Thus, I did not design him. I did add a pair of theatre 3D glasses on him to make him look sightly more handsome though! X)


His head is just as big as mines!! or maybe even bigger.. ^^

That’s it for now! I’ll try my best to update this blog a little more. I think I’m losing most of my followers with such slow updates (not that I have a lot to begin with). :S

For more photos of Rachat, visit my Rachat set on Flickr!


As I have promised, here is the link to the Vanna’s Choice Contest 2011 Winners: Vanna’s Choice 2011 Contest.

I have to say, that Christmas Chess Set there is pretty darn awesome!!

Third Prize!!! Strawberry Clock Hamster Garden.

I got Third Prize in a knit/crochet contest!!!

Third_Prize Strawberry Photo
Yes, this seems all very sudden, but here’s the story… Way back near the end of January this year, I entered myself into the 3rd Annual Vanna’s Choice Contest using a project which I crocheted. On April 4, I received an e-mail telling me that I was selected as a finalist for the contest and asking me to send in my project to the company in New Jersey, USA. Just three days ago, I received another e-mail notifying me that I got third prize for the contest!! 😄

It’s my first time entering into a contest and I really did not expect much from it. Because I made the project during the school season (particularly during midterm season while having interviews for Co-op jobs…!!!), I could only spend a limited amount of time working on the project. Nevertheless, here it is: Strawberry Clock Hamster Garden.



I originally planned on crocheting a village. A HUGE village. However, my plan totally got defeated when I realized how much school work I had piling up in front of me. And so in the end, I ended up with only a piece of land which I could only refer to as a garden. It seemed rather plain to just enter a contest using a piece of small crocheted land… and so I turned the project into a table clock just to make it a tad bit more unique. =P I named it The Strawberry Clock Hamster Garden! All in all, I think I spent at least 50 hours on this project. The hamsters on the mat might seem familar to some of you as I actually used them for photos in a post I made a couple months ago. The project was made using 12 different colors of Vanna’s Choice yarn and was crocheted free-style, measuring to approximately 14″ by 11″ by 9″ in size. The clock was bought from Ikea but you can’t really tell it from the photos since I covered the logo up with a sticker ~ hehe.

Having won third prize this year, I tend to think like most people would do — “If only I had won first or second prize…” lol. Well, now I know what one of my goals for next year is going to be! 😉 But I guess third prize still isn’t bad though, especially for my first time entering into a contest and amongst thousands of other entries! Photos of my project along with photos of the projects made by other winners will probably be posted on the contest website sometime later this month or in July. I will post the link to that page once it is out.

Special thanks to my mother for giving me suggestions with the design of the garden throughout the making of this project. =)

For more photos of my project, visit my Strawberry Clock Hamster Garden set on Flickr!

Happy Easter 2011!


I was in the middle of studying for final exams when I thought to myself: “Hey it’s Easter this weekend and my blog’s been sitting around dust for the past whole month… why not post a bunny to brighten things up a bit?” …And so that was what I did. =)

Introducing the Irene Bunny ~ named after a friend of mine in Hong Kong whom I crocheted this bunny for as her birthday present earlier this month. ^_^ Although not exactly crocheted for Easter, it just seemed to fit into the occasion ~ After all, what’s Easter without an Easter bunny? :p

Happy Easter 2011 from JCY-works!! ❤

*Credits to my friend, Irene, for taking the photo (I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of it before sending it over to her)

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